Two storage systems achieve maximum use of space, optimal organisation and turnover of the canned goods at Connorsa

Two storage systems achieve maximum use of space, optimal organisation and turnover of the canned goods at Connorsa

Connorsa, a canned foods company, receives a combination of pallet racking and Movirack mobile racking


Mecalux has equipped the Connorsa warehouse, one of the most renown canned food producers in Spain, with pallet racking and two blocks of Movirack mobile pallet racking. With this solution, the company procures a storage capacity for 8,600 pallets, organised according to their characteristics and demand.

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About Connorsa

Connorsa, a canned fish and seafood producer founded in 1985, is a pacesetter in the industry for its quality, innovative products. This company is primarily known for its commitment to the environment, using containers, cases and packaging made from recyclable materials.


Mecalux's solution

In recent years, the enterprise has bolstered its expansion and increased export of its products to Europe. To address growth expectations, it needed greater storage capacity and an agile and efficient operational system in its Vilaboa warehouse (Galicia).

This installation houses two types of goods: products classified by production batches in containers and completed pallets, ready for shipment.

Connorsa relied on Mecalux to find a solution to accommodate each product in the most appropriate storage system.

Two storage systems

After analysing the requirements presented by Connorsa, Mecalux opted for two different solutions: Movirack mobile pallet racking and regular pallet racking.


Firstly, two blocks of Movirack mobile racks were installed: one for full batches of processed products and another for finished lower demand products.

This high-density system cuts down on the number of aisles and provides optimum storage capacity. The racks are placed on mobile bases that move both laterally and independently. To open the required aisle and to extract or deposit the goods, the operator gives the order using a remote-control device.

Secondly, Mecalux supplied static pallet racking allocated to products that are ready to be dispatched. In this case, direct access to the goods provides a lot of flexibility in storage tasks and facilitates stock control.

Movirack mobile racking
For the system to operate correctly, each of the two blocks of Movirack mobile racks set up in the Connorsa warehouse has its own control cabinet, as well as onboard cabinets in all the racks.

The PLC is located in the control cabinet and is responsible for directing and processing movement commands. In turn, power drives synchronise the three motors in each base and soften start-up and braking to extend the life of the components contained in the racks (wheels, motors, guides, etc.).

The transmission of power to the mobile base is undertaken through a double crown gear with a double pinion, which provides better system performance. By doing so, this ensures that the movement of the racks is more uniform and, therefore, the life of the mechanical components is extended.


Advantages for Connorsa

  • Warehouse organisation: it is distributed according to the needs of Connorsa. Products classified by production batches are stored on Movirack mobile racks and pallets ready for dispatch in pallet racking and in Movirack units.
  • Greater storage capacity: with the installation of pallet racking and two Movirack mobile racking blocks a storage capacity of 8,600 pallets is attained.
  • Agile operations: both solutions offer direct access to the merchandise, which facilitates faster goods management and stock control.
Movirack mobile racking, Connorsa warehouse
Storage capacity: 3,948 pallets (block 1) and 2,044 pallets (block 2)
Pallet sizes: 1,000 x 1,000 mm (block 1) and 800 x 1,200 (block 2)
Max. pallet weight: 1.000 kg
Racking height: 5.5 m
No. of Movirack units: 16

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