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Push-back Racking (LIFO)

Push-back Racking (LIFO)

A high density, space-saving accumulative gravity storage system.

Loading and unloading is completed from the same aisle (LIFO system) with capacity for up to four pallets per level. Handling time is reduced and storage capacity increased.

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Main Features of Push-back Racking

An accumulative storage system that can hold up to four pallets deep per level. Pallets are placed on the trolley inside the sloped storage lane. The incline of the push-back structure automatically sends pallets from the rear to the front of the lane when the pallet closest the aisle is removed.

Push-back pallet racking is ideal for storing medium-turnover products (with two or more pallets per SKU), through the Last In First Out (LIFO) load method. Access to the stored goods is carried out from a single work aisle.



  • Best space purposing of available space
  • Time savings in slotting and extraction operations
  • Very little vertical space is wasted
  • Each level can store a different SKU


Another variation of the push-back system has roller channels. It operates quite similarly, but uses rollers instead of rails and trolleys.

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