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Clad-rack Warehouses

Clad-rack Warehouses

Self-supporting warehouses for maximum use of available space. Choose a manual, semi-automatic or fully-automated storage system.

Impressive feats of engineering where the racking forms the structure of the installation. High capacity and excellent productivity.

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Main Features of Clad-rack Warehouses

Clad-rack warehouses, i.e. self-supporting warehouses, are major works of engineering. The racking itself makes up the building's structure, together with the side and roof cladding. The structure supports not only the stored goods and the different building elements, but also the thrust of the handling devices and other external forces: wind, heavy snowfalls, seismic activity, etc.

The maximum height of a clad-rack warehouse is limited only by local standards and the vertical reach of the stacker cranes or forklifts in use. So, it is possible to build warehouses that stand more than 40 metres high.

Clad-rack warehouses are highly suited for both ambient and cold storage.


  • Extreme vertical space usage for peak optimisation of available land 
  • High storage capacity and excellent productivity
  • Wide-ranging product type storage
  • Available in manual, semi-automatic or fully automated versions

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