Movirack Mobile Racking

Movirack Mobile Racking

High density mobile racking system for optimum space usage. Ideal for frozen or cold storage warehouses.

Mobile pallet racking maintains direct access to all items from one single working aisle, creating a highly efficient compact warehouse with increased storage capacity.

Movirack pallet racking can mean an installation’s storage capacity increases between 80% and 120%


Movirack pallet racking gives access to each pallet, ideal in case of few pallets per SKU


This system can be adapted to warehouses with more levels to optimise the load capacity


The mobility of this type racking is ideal for low-bay warehouses


This mobile storage system is ideal for the food industry, where there are usually few pallets per SKU


The handling equipment has access to the goods through an aisle that opens inside the rack


The operator selects which aisle to be opened through a remote control


Remote aisle opening even allows operators to pick directly from the rack


This storage system can be combined with fixed racks to achieve maximum warehouse performance


Movirack racking opens perpendicular to the main aisle along rails embedded in the floor


Movirack mobile pallet rack bases move the structure sideways thanks to rails set on the floor


The presence of bracing in the structure ensures the stability of the mobile racks


Onboard cabinets ensure that the structure moves automatically and safely


Thanks to mobile bases, warehouses with Movirack pallet racking make the most of the available space by eliminating aisles


Movirack pallet racking has multiple safety features to prevent accidents: reset buttons, emergency stop...


The Movirack system can be combined with cantilever racks to store irregular-shaped goods such as tubes or metal sheeting


In Movirack mobile pallet racking, it is usual to place grate-type shelf panels to guarantee the stability of the goods


Placing safety mesh on each level of the rack ensures the protection of the unit load


The mobile pallet racks can include different shelf panels for loads: e.g. metal or grate, among others


Mobile racking systems are suitable for medium and low rotation cold stores


When necessary, a pedestrian passage access point can be constructed through an overhang on the top level


The Movirack mobile pallet rack system can be combined with pallet racking according to the demands of each warehouse


Racks on mobile bases can be combine with other systems like the Pallet Shuttle


The Movirack system allows operators to manoeuvre forklift trucks to access the product when needed


The parking option enables increased separation between racking to guarantee better air circulation


Operators move the racks via a remote control


The Movirack system guarantees the safety of the structure thanks to numerous safety components


The main electrical cabinet records all commands and movements of the Movirack system


When building this system, a pedestrian underpass can be provided using cantilever construction


The Movirack system has an external safety barrier to prevent accidents with operators


This system can be built with different bays based on the logistics demands of the customer


As in pallet racking, Movirack can include cantilever racks to store irregular-shaped products


In the case of cold-storage warehouses, mobile pallet racks guarantee maximum storage capacity


Main Features of Movirack Mobile Racking

Movirack is a mobile racking system in which shelving units are installed on top of laterally sliding guide bases, eliminating the usual fixed access aisles. As a high capacity storage system, it provides direct access to each pallet.

An operator uses an onboard control panel or remote control to order a certain aisle to spread open. The process automatically provides direct access to specific goods stored in the chosen rack.

Mobile bases are motorised, roll over guide rails and include a range of safety systems to guarantee secure, efficient operations.


  • Extremely efficient use of space
  • Computer-controlled storage
  • Sizeable increase in warehouse capacity
  • Eliminate fixed access aisles

Movirack mobile pallet racking is the ideal system for cold-storage warehouses (i.e. both refrigerated warehouses and frozen storage) since it makes optimal use of temperature-controlled spaces, reducing the costs of chilling such an installation. Choose between various shelving or cantilever models. 

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