The Easy DOM Distributed Order Management System optimises shipments
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Distributed Order Management (DOM)

Easy DOM
Advanced order management software for businesses with multiple distribution centres. This solution optimises the selection of shipping points through orchestration strategies that maximise cost-effectiveness.

The software solution that unifies the supply chain for flexible, intelligent, omnichannel order orchestration

Easy DOM is a distributed order management system designed to centralise supply chain management for omnichannel businesses with multiple distribution centres and large daily shipment volumes. The software’s main objective is to optimise the selection of order fulfilment points based on inventory availability and a series of prioritisation rules tailored to the company’s business model. To achieve this, the system integrates and syncs the various supply chain actors, including warehouses, stores and marketplaces, ERP systems, 3PL providers, carriers and call centres. Easy DOM is the perfect answer to the demands of omnichannel retailing. This robust, versatile, 100% cloud-deployed software program simplifies and streamlines order fulfilment and shipping to boost operational efficiency and performance.

  • OptimiSed order routing

    Orders are assigned automatically to the ideal shipping locations according to each centre’s stock levels and workload capacity as well as preconfigured prioritisation rules (e.g., order priority, shipping costs and delivery time). The orchestration process is tailored to business model requirements to minimise costs and maximise benefits.

  • Global inventory visibility

    Aggregated and disaggregated views of the inventory level for each item provide a dynamic, interconnected, real-time view of the availability and flow of stock throughout the supply chain.

  • Maximum customer satisfaction

    Segmentation by customer type and the ability to create specific prioritisation rules for each type perfectly align the orchestration process with delivery commitments. Features oriented towards customer care and support strengthen customer loyalty by enabling order status tracking as well as change and incident management.

  • Multilevel and omnichannel integration

    The consolidation of all supply chain levels facilitates the management of complex scenarios in businesses with extended distribution networks that include multiple sales channels and shipping locations. The system integrates easily with various ERP, WMS and other third-party software to ensure fast implementation in all kinds of businesses.

Software designed for seamless supply chain integration

Mecalux’s Distributed Order Management System comprises a set of functionalities that interconnect and synchronise the various supply chain nodes, boosting order fulfilment and shipping efficiency. Through multiple fully configurable business rules, this order management system adapts to the goals and needs of all types of companies.

The Distributed Order Management System Easy DOM simplifies the control and management of large supply chains


Distributed Order Management (DOM)

Distributed Order Management (DOM)

Advanced order management software for businesses with multiple distribution centres

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