Industrial service provider equips a second warehouse with Easy WMS

Industrial service provider equips a second warehouse with Easy WMS

German industrial service provider WISAG oversees 10,000 SKUs with Mecalux’s Easy WMS software.

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Industrial service company WISAG has equipped one of its German warehouses with Mecalux’s Easy WMS warehouse management system. The software organises all facility operations, from goods receipt to order fulfilment and distribution.


WISAG is a family-run business based in Frankfurt (Germany). Recognised as one of the country’s leading industrial service providers, WISAG Industry Service Group offers organisations solutions for administrative management and production processes. Its slogan is “Let's end the impossible!”.

The business provides industrial plant management services, including maintenance, cleaning, energy supply, logistics and technology solutions. With an experienced team of 14,000 employees, WISAG harnesses the full potential of innovative technologies and is committed to sustainability.


  • Manage 10,000 SKUs belonging to various clients with specific storage and distribution requirements.
  • Offer personalised service to companies from multiple sectors.


  • Easy WMS warehouse management system.
  • Multi-Carrier Shipping Software.
  • WMS for 3PL:

    • 3PL Client Portal
    • 3PL Billing
    • Client-Specific Rules


  • Service that meets each client’s requirements, from temporary storage to order fulfilment through cross-docking.
  • Direct communication with users to facilitate inventory-related decision-making.

“At WISAG, we see logistics as the driving force behind an industry’s success. Therefore, we adapt to the particular needs of each sector, ensuring an optimal flow of materials. Our priority is to manage our clients’ goods with maximum efficiency,” explains Michael Lederer, Managing Director at WISAG Logistics Solutions.

At its warehouse in Krefeld (Germany), WISAG offers personalised logistics services to organisations from diverse sectors. In the case of one of its biggest clients — a manufacturer of heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems for the home — the WISAG facility serves as a link with production, delivering semi-finished items at the right time.

WISAG has implemented Mecalux’s warehouse management system (WMS) in its continuing efforts to provide excellent service. This decision stemmed from the company’s successful experience in another of its facilities, also in Krefeld. Lederer says: “With Easy WMS, we can monitor our inventory, which is essential to guarantee accurate operations. Plus, we were already familiarised with the software’s capabilities and advantages, making for easy implementation in this new centre.” Easy WMS monitors more than 10,000 SKUs, taking into account product characteristics and each client’s specific storage and distribution requirements.

Easy WMS is the nerve centre of the WISAG facility. It organises all activities, from receiving to order fulfilment and distribution. “Sound logistics management is based on process optimisation. By closely following instructions from Easy WMS, our operators travel the shortest distances through the warehouse. This results in faster product shipments,” says Lederer.

WISAG improves communication about its logistics operations

When digitalising its warehouse, one of WISAG’s requirements was to ensure smooth communication with its clients. “Our service is underpinned by active listening. Understanding our partner’s requirements and needs is crucial for providing them with the best possible service,” says Lederer.

The WMS for 3PL module, an advanced feature of Easy WMS, facilitates decision-making relating to storage, order picking and shipping for the companies WISAG serves.

This digital solution comprises three sub-modules:

  • 3PL Client Portal. The industrial service business offers its clients total control over their inventory, allowing them to make faster, more effective decisions. Organisations can interact with WISAG to request the fulfilment and distribution of specific orders, among other operations.
  • 3PL Billing. This sub-module produces in-depth billing reports detailing the services WISAG has provided for each client. All warehouse activities are recorded so that WISAG can generate accurate invoices.
  • Client-Specific Rules. The 3PL provider adapts logistics processes to clients’ particular requirements, such as maximum batches per delivery and stipulated pallet height.

Optimised shipments

“Our priority is to avoid order delivery errors,” says Lederer.

To ensure the satisfaction of clients from multiple sectors, WISAG has installed Multi-Carrier Shipping Software. This Easy WMS module boosts packing, labelling and personalised shipments of goods.

The system instructs operators on packaging products, generates labels and prints them. Likewise, it communicates with carriers — primarily DPD — to coordinate deliveries of orders sent to end customers across Germany.

“Synchronisation with transport agencies streamlines the work of both operators and carriers in addition to expediting shipments,” says Lederer.

WISAG gains control over its logistics operations

For WISAG, one of Germany’s leading industrial service providers, customer satisfaction is critical. Implementing Easy WMS in the Krefeld warehouse is a testament to the company’s commitment to service. With the Mecalux software, the German organisation has improved direct communication with its customers to provide personalised attention.

Thanks to warehouse digitalisation, WISAG has gained accurate stock control and optimised all its operations in pursuit of excellence. By prioritising customer satisfaction, WISAG is ready to meet the most challenging demands in an increasingly competitive market.

With Easy WMS, we can monitor our inventory, which is essential to guarantee accurate operations.

Michael LedererManaging Director, WISAG Logistics Solutions

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