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All in the family: Mecalux expands the Familia Group warehouse in Colombia


Familia Group, a company specialising in personal care and hygiene products, will expand its current clad-rack warehouse to reach a capacity of more than 16,000 pallets.

In 2011, Mecalux erected Family Group, one of the first automated warehouses within Colombia. The installation, with a capacity for 7,416 pallets and 31.2 m high, is managed by three stacker cranes. A few years later, the company has again chosen Mecalux to execute the Cájica warehouse expansion.

Familia Group

The objective: to reach 34.4 m in height, increase capacity to include another 9,480 pallets, and install an additional three stacker cranes. Moreover, recirculation is set up that allows both the management of inputs from outside sources and internal production, and also direct dispatch from the warehouse.

The warehouse management system, Easy WMS software, implemented by Mecalux will also be supplied. With this expansion, the Family Group warehouse will achieve greater inputs and outputs, bringing it to the forefront of logistics within the tissue and the personal hygiene sector.