Agro-Masz to automate logistics operations to streamline order fulfilment

27 Nov 2023

The agricultural machinery manufacturer will equip its logistics centre with a miniload system, a high-performance pick station and Easy WMS software from Mecalux.

Agro-Masz will install an AS/RS for boxes and Easy WMS

“In modernising our logistics operations, our aim is to optimise and speed up the company’s processes. With this new solution from Mecalux, we’re looking forward to shortening our farm machinery production times. Automation will streamline movements of goods and minimise picking errors,” says Paweł Nowak, CEO of Agro-Masz.

The business will outfit its logistics facility in Strzelce Małe (Poland) with a miniload system from Mecalux. This robotic solution will house the components required to manufacture agricultural machines. Beyond boosting productivity, this automated storage and retrieval system (AS/RS) for boxes is known for its efficient use of available space. The racking will provide a storage capacity of more than 12,000 bins. “By increasing warehousing space, we’ll be able to raise our inventory levels. And this will ensure greater availability of goods and prevent service disruptions due to supply shortages,” says Nowak.

In the miniload aisle, a stacker crane for boxes will put away and retrieve loads from their locations autonomously. The machine will do this as directed by Mecalux’s Easy WMS warehouse management system. “The stacker crane will ramp up the number of inputs and outputs per hour. We trust that automation will significantly expedite our business’s logistics processes,” says Nowak.

At one end of the racking, Mecalux will set up a high-performance pick station. This automated solution is designed to considerably increase the number of orders filled. Its main function will be to provide direct and immediate access to as many bins as possible. Operators will then be able to efficiently pick the SKUs required for each order. “We anticipate gaining tangible benefits in the day-to-day use of this solution. For example, the picking process and the supply of components to the production lines will be much more agile,” says Nowak.

To maximise efficiency in Agro-Masz’s miniload system, the Easy WMS software will oversee and optimise all operations. These include goods in/goods out, putaway, stock control and more. The system will allocate items in the miniload AS/RS based on their turnover rates. Additionally, it will send instructions to the stacker crane to perform storage tasks with the utmost accuracy.

“We believe the reduced putaway times, expanded storage capacity and complete visibility of stock will have a positive impact on planning our logistics and production processes,” says Nowak.

About Agro-Masz: continuous improvement in the field

Established in 2006 in the town of Strzelce Małe (Poland), Agro-Masz is an agricultural machinery manufacturer with a nationwide presence. With an extensive range of machines in its catalogue, the company strives to enhance the quality of its products to guarantee maximum customer satisfaction. In an ever-evolving agricultural sector, Agro-Masz demonstrates its commitment to continuous improvement by bringing to the market highly technological, durable machines to optimise field operations.