Bem Brasil: new freezer store to double production volume


Bem Brasil, a leading Brazilian manufacturer of pre-fried frozen chips, will expand its warehouse in Perdizes (Brazil) with a new automated cold store. Its aim is to double its production volume, from 250,000 to 500,000 tonnes of chips a year.

New automated cold store for Bem Brasil's frozen chips

With 25-metre-high racking and a clad-rack structure, the new installation will be equipped with Mecalux’s automatic Pallet Shuttle and Easy WMS warehouse management systems. The latter is responsible for efficiently supervising the operations and processes carried out.

The new cold store will consist of two 143-metre-long aisles with a racking unit on each side that can hold 12 pallets deep. Overall, the storage capacity will be 33,696 pallets measuring 800 x 1,200 mm, each with a maximum weight of 500 kg. The installation will operate at -25 ºC to keep the goods in optimal condition.

The idea for this new warehouse came about as a result of the approximately 40% rise in sales seen by Bem Brasil over the last few years. The company needed a new installation where it could store both raw materials and finished products. The new warehouse will be located just beside the freezer store that Mecalux built a few years ago. That facility is also run via the automatic Pallet Shuttle system and managed by Easy WMS.

This expansion will bring us a number of logistics advantages. Among them, I’d highlight streamlined goods dispatch processes, optimisation of safety while handling food, online inventory control and savings in energy consumption.

Célio Zero, Operations Manager at Bem Brasil

Healthy, balanced and sustainable food

Founded in 2006 in the city of Araxá, Bem Brasil is a business that produces more than 250,000 tonnes of pre-fried frozen chips a year. It has now become the national leader in the sector and one of Brazil’s most popular brands, found in most households. In 2017, Bem Brasil opened a new production centre in the town of Perdizes (just 50 km from Araxá), strategically located to facilitate the distribution of its products throughout Brazil.