Ciech to build a new automated installation in Germany


The Ciech Group, one of Eastern Europe’s leading manufacturers of evaporated salt, is making its largest-ever investment with the construction of a new salt plant in Stassfurt, Germany. It will be equipped with a fully automated, 40-metre-tall warehouse providing storage capacity for over 10,000 pallets.

Ciech will set up a new automated warehouse in Stassfurt (Germany)

The automated installation will consist of four aisles measuring 45 m long with double-deep racking on each side. Its role will be to store finished goods as they leave the production lines.

Automation will be vital for ensuring efficient, safe operations. A stacker crane will move up and down each aisle, performing input and output operations automatically. In addition, a conveyor circuit will connect the warehouse with production, moving the finished goods in a controlled manner.

Paweł Sufin - Logistics Manager at Ciech
“Automation will enable us to make the most of the storage area. The finished goods will be deposited on 21 levels, which would be impossible in a manual installation, as the number of locations would be limited. One decisive factor when it came to choosing this solution was our goal to reduce human intervention. We considered this necessary in a warehouse operating 24 hours a day like ours. In addition to being quick, the automated handling equipment will eliminate errors stemming from manual management.”

About Ciech

Ciech is a Polish multinational chemical company with a strong presence in the European and global market, thanks to the support of strategic investor Kulczyk Investments. The company exports all its products to over 100 countries. Its output includes, amongst other things, sodium carbonate, sodium bicarbonate, salt, plant-protection products, epoxy and polyester resins, polyurethane foams, silicates and glass containers. Ciech’s products are of the utmost quality (resulting from a combination of modernity and tradition dating back to 1882) and are used to manufacture basic necessities. The firm has been listed on Poland’s Warsaw Stock Exchange since 2015 and on Germany’s Frankfurt Stock Exchange, one of the largest in Europe, since 2016. Other companies in the Group are located in Germany: Ciech Salz Deutschland, Ciech Energy Deutschland and Ciech Soda Deutschland (founded in 1882).