Clavo Food Factory boosts productivity in its warehouse in Tordesillas (Spain)

22 May 2024

Food company Clavo Food Factory will outfit its new logistics facility in Tordesillas (Spain) with Mecalux’s 3D Automated Pallet Shuttle. This will enable the business to sustain its annual production volume of 14,000 tonnes of frozen and refrigerated goods. This advanced technology solution features multi-directional shuttles that will insert and remove products automatically from any location in the automated storage and retrieval system (AS/RS).

Clavo Food Factory will install the 3D Automated Pallet Shuttle in its new warehouse

“The automated Mecalux solution will help us expand our storage capacity and increase the volume of incoming and outgoing palletised loads,” says Alejandro Lara, Plant Manager at Clavo Food Factory. The 3D Automated Pallet Shuttle will raise productivity through the shuttles’ ability to navigate various levels and aisles for efficient goods handling. The flexibility of this AS/RS will allow the business to adjust its logistics processes to dynamic scenarios. For example, it will be able to perform priority tasks and cope with demand spikes.

Clavo Food Factory will also implement two digital solutions from Mecalux. The Easy WMS warehouse management system will organise and optimise all operations, while fleet management software will plan shuttle movements. “With our products strategically arranged and operations enhanced with the Mecalux software, we’ll be able to ensure stock availability and meet our clients’ needs,” says Lara.

Next to the 3D Automated Pallet Shuttle, Mecalux will install a block of Movirack mobile racking in one of the cold stores. Standing 10 m tall, it will have a storage capacity of more than 2,300 pallets.

Clavo Food Factory: over 35 years honing its skills behind the stove

Founded in 1985, Clavo Food Factory is a company devoted to producing a wide range of frozen and refrigerated ready-to-eat foods. The business has grown from filleting seafood to becoming one of Spain’s primary manufacturing centres for prepared meals. Today, the company owns three production plants in Galicia, Castile and Leon and Cantabria. Additionally, it manages 14,000 tonnes of products in 47,000 m³ of cold stores. With the Mecalux solutions, Clavo Food Factory will be ready to lead the production of frozen and refrigerated ready-to-eat products for the catering industry.