Nearly 52,000 pallets for Eddie Stobart in Belgium


Logistics operator Eddie Stobart Logistics Europe has equipped its warehouse in Genk (Belgium) with pallet racking by Mecalux. Versatility and strength are the key features of these racks, which unquestionably ensure the efficient storage of the material and clothing of a renowned sport firm.

Eddie Stobart warehouse with aisles measuring up to 118 m long

Providing capacity for 51,975 pallets with a maximum unit weight of 433 kg, the 42,000 m2 installation is divided into three areas, all fitted out with 8.5-metre-high pallet racking spanning five storage levels. Forklifts move along the aisles, which measure up to 118 m long. These machines are charged with depositing and extracting goods nimbly from their locations, thanks to the direct access to them.

This solution enables Eddie Stobart to prepare orders quickly. Moreover, it guarantees the versatility and adaptability to products of varying sizes and demands that its client requires.

Réginald Delmarche - Business development at Eddie Stobart Logistics Europe
“With our partner, Mecalux, we were able to complete this project in only 80 days.”

Logistics operator with an international presence

Founded in 1970, Eddie Stobart is one of the most prominent logistics operators in the UK. The company has 2,700 vehicles, over 5,000 articulated lorries and 43 distribution centres all across Europe.