ESPA Moto: your world on two wheels


EPSA Moto, an Argentinian distributor of products related to two-wheeled vehicles, is undergoing a process of expansion due to the opening of its new online shop. To serve its customers of this sales channel, the company is transforming and optimising its logistics processes. In this vein, the installation of Easy WMS, the warehouse management system (WMS) by Mecalux, will help it to automate its inventory control and prepare orders more quickly, resulting in increased productivity.

Currently, EPSA Moto takes inventory manually by means of Microsoft Excel spreadsheets. The probability of error with this system is too high, as it depends on the experience and memory of the operators.

Thanks to Easy WMS, the firm aims to automate warehouse inflow and outflow management and obtain complete product traceability. This WMS will supervise workers at all times, enabling them to complete their storage and order prep tasks more promptly.

Ivo Piazza - Warehouse Manager at EPSA Moto
“At the beginning of 2019, we started a company transformation project based on four fundamental pillars: team, customers, quality and innovation, and service. This process will be completed with the warehouse upgrade, which will boost our business growth. Mecalux will be by our side during this renovation, forming part of our team.”

ESPA Moto will automate inventory control with Mecalux's Easy WMS

A leading Argentinian firm

Founded in 1988, EPSA Moto is a family business specialising in the marketing and distribution of accessories for motorcyclists. Its commitment to customers consists of providing them with the best options in the market and excellent service quality.