Eurofrigo’s seismic-resistant automated warehouse for frozen product management

13 Nov 2023

Eurofrigo, a logistics service provider specialising in storing and handling frozen goods, will install a seismic-resistant automated warehouse in Vitulazio (Italy) managed by Easy WMS.

Eurofrigo will install an automated warehouse to manage frozen goods

“We decided to automate our logistics processes to increase our operational throughput and monitor putaway and shipping tasks more closely,” say Carlo and Castrese Catone of Eurofrigo.

The new automated facility will consist of a clad-rack warehouse capable of storing 30,274 pallets at a temperature of -28 °C. The building will stand out for its impressive dimensions: eight 141-metre-long storage aisles with 34-metre-tall seismic racking.

All operations in this Eurofrigo facility will be fully automated. In each aisle, a stacker crane will autonomously store and retrieve pallets from their locations. Mecalux will also install conveyors and an electrified monorail system. These solutions will streamline movements of frozen products and connect the storage aisles with the clad-rack warehouse’s infeed and outfeed stations.

Additionally, Eurofrigo will implement Mecalux’s Easy WMS warehouse management system. This software will ensure complete traceability of stock, from its receipt to its shipment to customers. “With the new automated facility, we’ll be able to cope with the increased activity and provide our customers with efficient service,” say the Catones.

Next to the clad-rack warehouse, Mecalux will set up seismic racking with capacity for almost 40,000 pallets. This storage system offers direct access to goods, facilitating putaway and order processing tasks.

About Eurofrigo: sub-zero logistics

Founded in 1985, Eurofrigo is a logistics provider dedicated to storing and handling frozen products. The company is part of Catone Group, which manages the supply chains of companies that work with temperature-controlled goods, namely food. Catone Group has a fleet of more than 200 refrigerated vehicles and is a leader in Italy’s cold-chain logistics industry.