Interlake Mecalux at the NA 2010 U.S. logistics trade show

23 Apr 2010

Interlake Mecalux will attend the NA2010 Show (North American Material Handling & Logistics Show) in Cleveland, Ohio, held on April 26-29. By participating, Interlake Mecalux increases its capacity to meet the needs of its U.S. clients, offering them one of its latest innovations in storage solutions: the EasyWMS® warehouse management software.

EasyWMS®, an essential innovation in logistics patented by Mecalux
The EasyWMS® software enables any business, regardless of its size or sector, to manage and automate its warehouse by adding software functions according to its specific needs (picking, order control, inventory control, stock rotation statistics, etc.). This software helps reduce logistics costs in terms of time, loss and physical and human resources, while increasing productivity and improving customer service. The program, characterized by its versatility and easy implementation, has been fully created, developed and patented by Mecalux’s automation department at its headquarters in Barcelona and the Technology Center in Gijón. The EasyWMS® software has been very successful on the market, with 200 packages sold and installed in 2009. Around 1,000 warehouses are expected to operate using this software in 2010. For this reason, Mecalux is running a major launch campaign for the software at national and international trade shows in the logistics and new technologies sector.

A strategic area for Mecalux
The NAFTA zone is precisely the area where Mecalux experienced its greatest increase in turnover in 2009. Sales figures reached 100 million euros, which represented a 15% improvement over the previous year. Orders in this zone also grew from 73 million euros in 2008 to 110 million euros in 2009, i.e., an increase of 51%. With Mecalux USA’s integration of Interlake’s human, production and commercial assets (forming Interlake Mecalux), the hope is that the new U.S. operational area will contribute to maintaining and increasing this positive trend. Mecalux considers the American market to be one of its most important markets, and everything would seem to indicate that a balance will be reached between its European and U.S. sales figures in the future.

The NA 2010 Trade Show (North American Material Handling & Logistics Show) is one of the main logistics trade fairs in the United States, and is an essential meeting place for companies in the sector. Over 500 exhibitors are expected to attend this year’s show, which will include a conference day with over 60 training sessions.