Le Club Led to optimise order picking with Easy WMS from Mecalux


Le Club Led, a French company specialising in LED lighting, will implement Easy WMS warehouse management software from Mecalux in its facility in Bas-en-Basset to accurately monitor the 25,000 SKUs in stock.

Easy WMS in Le Club Led's warehouse in France

“We want to become a benchmark in the sale of LEDs in France, which means we need a logistics software program capable of bolstering our growth prospects,” says Pierre Charpentier, Founder and Executive Director of Le Club Led.

With Easy WMS from Mecalux, the company has set out to boost productivity in one of the facility’s main operations: order picking. “Our intention is to save time and eliminate errors,” says Charpentier.

To do so, Easy WMS will send operators instructions via their RF scanners on how to prepare each order. This will enable them to locate the necessary items more quickly. The software will also design optimised pick paths so that operators will travel the shortest possible distances in the facility.

“We’re also looking to improve the management of our warehouse space,” says Charpentier. To achieve this objective, Easy WMS will organise the goods that arrive at the warehouse, taking into account their SKU and demand level. The correct distribution of the products will offer the company two advantages: space optimisation and streamlined storage of goods.

“The software will maintain tight control over our stock,” says Charpentier. By identifying all items from the time they arrive at the warehouse, Easy WMS will know their exact location in real time. Le Club Led will have a perpetual inventory system, facilitating total product traceability by monitoring the different stages the goods go through across the supply chain.

About Le Club Led: sale of energy-saving bulbs

Founded in 2013, Le Club Led is a French company dedicated to LED lighting. The business features a wide range of products, from light bulbs to spotlights, to create elegant, modern environments. Le Club Led’s technical team conducts quality, stress and brightness tests to ensure that its products are manufactured to the highest quality standards.