Mecalux brings an innovative safety locking mechanism into service, enhancing the safety of its metal racking

11 Feb 2015

Safety in the warehouse is fundamental to the efficient development of day-to-day operations, without putting operators or the installation at risk. For this reason Mecalux invests a significant portion of its resources into R&D in order to improve safety mechanisms in all of its products.

new system for joining beams and uprights Mecalux

The most recent innovation in this regard is the inclusion of a new system for joining beams and uprights in pallet racking: The beam endplate has a built-in locking system designed to make the assembly as safe as possible.

Most notably, the safety locking mechanism forms part of the endplate, creating two main advantages: Firstly, it is impossible to forget to include this piece in the installation or inadvertently lose it and secondly, once the installation is assembled, it is not possible to extract this locking mechanism without completely dismantling the beam. This stops the device from being moved either accidentally (for example, if the structure is knocked by a forklift) or as the result of deliberate action, preventing the beam from becoming dislodged and avoiding the possible consequences this might have, such as loads falling from the racks.

After successfully incorporating this new locking system into installations completed in the United States, where Mecalux leads the market in pallet racking systems, it is now being introduced into European projects, where the company is the only manufacturer in the continent to develop and incorporate this new device into their storage solutions.



Application for the new safety locking mechanism


Mecalux: Continuous Innovation

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With 7 technological centres, 11 production plants across Europe and North and South America, and sales in more than 70 countries, the company’s growth is based on its clear commitment to continuous innovation and the use of the most advanced technology on offer in the industry.

Mecalux dedicates significant resources to its engineering and R&D&I departments, keeping them at the forefront in the development of new products and advanced warehouse solutions, where safety is the number one priority in all installations.