Mecalux develops a software system for any warehouse: the Mecalux Easy®

03 Mar 2009

Mecalux has launched its star product on the market: the Mecalux Easy®. This new warehouse management software system can be easily adapted to any type of client. The launch of Mecalux Easy® will be carried out simultaneously in the 16 countries where the Mecalux Group has a direct commercial presence. Mecalux is aiming the product at companies of any size from the widest range of sectors because the system is able to adapt to any business and provide the answer to their needs at any of the different levels available: from a small company with a conventional warehouse up to an operator seeking the logistics control of an airport. The simplest levels, which also enable high performance levels, can be implemented in just two weeks.

The Mecalux Easy has 6 different levels; the first and second levels correspond to conventional warehouses, the third level corresponds to a basic automated warehouse and from the fourth level upwards greater specifications, degree of automation and analysis of the specific needs of the companies are required. Mecalux is already developing more than 150 applications and aims to make this software the standard for the sector thanks to its ease of installation. In addition, it will provide a 24-hour technical support service to companies purchasing the product. The main benefits of Mecalux Easy® are: an increase in warehouse performance, increase in turnover ratios, optimisation of order preparation, improvement in on-line inventories and the reduction in the time needed for stock management.

Simplifying life in the warehouse
Mecalux Easy® “simplifies the life of any warehouse” as a result of the research and years of experience in warehouses management. Thanks to its use of standard systems, it is compatible with any system used by a company. Mecalux Easy® has been created, developed and patented entirely by Mecalux. It allows logistics costs to be reduced in space, time, productivity, physical and human resources and losses, while providing total control over the warehouse, enabling the quality of customer service to be improved with a great deal of flexibility.

24 x 7 Client Support Service; Mecalux offers a support and telephone-assistance service available round the clock, 7 days a week and 365 a year in order to assist in the operations of each warehouse, to solve doubts, queries and incidents and to help get the maximum performance from the installations of each client.

The Mecalux Easy® system has a great potential because it enables the complexity of the warehouse and the margin of automation to be gradually expanded. Level 1 offers logistics solutions which are easy to install in a short period of time, while level 2 is ideal for medium-sized manual warehouses with standard needs. The management of both is not exclusive to automated installations as conventional storage centres can also implement them. From level 3 upwards, the installation is limited to automated warehouses, with special characteristics tailored by the client from level 4, which requires a study prior to start-up. Level 5 is for complex systems; this is an extension of level 4 but with more functionalities, and is perfect for warehouses with higher levels of automation. Finally, level 6 is for special or exclusive systems. Clearly, in these cases, Mecalux carries out a comprehensive study of the specific requirements. The applications here include the management of airports or high performance storage centres with large flows.

Technological centre in Gijón
In addition to the work by the automation department in Barcelona, the Mecalux Easy® is also being promoted from its new technological centre in Gijón. For Mecalux, the software is the answer to the requirements of companies which need to improve their competitiveness and efficiency with lower costs. Mecalux Easy® provides a clear improvement in the efficiency of production, distribution and stock control processes, enabling companies to adapt their production. Mecalux is developing an investment plan of almost 23 million euros in the Gijón plant, making it one of the principal centres for the expansion and technological development of the entire company.