MECALUX takes its management software Mecalux Easy WMS® to SITL in Paris in March

11 Feb 2010

Mecalux takes its warehouse management software Easy WMS® to SITL in Paris, the International Transport and Logistics Week, held in the French capital from 23 to 26 March, one of the best-known trade shows of the industry in its 25-year career. Mecalux Easy WMS® has become the flagship product of the company, thanks to its easy implementation and adaptation for any company regardless of its sector and size. The versatility and efficiency of the software has positioned it as the industry standard and therefore it is experiencing a great reception in the market as the companies realize that, whatever their special characteristics may be, Easy WMS® can adapt to them. The installation, turnkey delivered, can provide the companies an estimated overall improvement of warehouse management efficiency of around 50% or more.

Big success in the market: over 200 installations sold
Mecalux Easy WMS® was launched last summer in 16 of the countries where Mecalux operates and at this moment close to 200 installations have been sold. The forecasts for end 2010 are to exceed the 1.000. For this reason, Mecalux is conducting a vigorous campaign to launch the software in international trade fairs: SITL comes after the attending of Mecalux Easy at other well-known international trade fairs such as SIMO Network 2009 (Madrid) and CeBIT (Hannover).

Mecalux EASY®, streamlining warehouse activities
Easy WMS® is a new warehouse management software that can be applied very easily to all types of companies. From a small company with a conventional warehouse to a large distribution centre: Any company can implement part of the different levels of the software, which have varying degrees of functionality and management control, automation or specialisation, and can be added gradually. Mecalux is already developing more than 10 additional applications.

Advantages of Mecalux Easy WMS®: Cost savings
Among the main advantages of this software feature the reduction of logistics costs in time, productivity, physical resources, human resources and losses, as well as the total control exercised over the warehouse to improve the quality of customer service with great flexibility.

Easy WMS® has been created, developed and patented entirely by Mecalux. Besides by the automation department located in Barcelona, it is developed by its new Technology Centre in Gijón.