Mecalux to show off its latest software and systems innovations at the Paris SITL Fair

11 Nov 2010

Mecalux shall be bringing its latest innovations in warehouse management software and systems to the SITL fair in Paris. The logistics solutions show to be held in the French capital from the 29th to the 31st of March is now in its 26th year and is one of the most widely recognized showcases in the industry. The SITL is designed as a platform for transport and logistics services, warehouse handling and equipment, logistics infrastructure, and information technology and systems, including radiofrequency identification. The Mecalux Group will be taking advantage of the show by exhibiting its well-known software, EasyWMS®, plus other warehousing systems such as the Clasimat® or the Pallet Shuttle.

The presence of Mecalux at this event will give the company a boost in the European market, which represents about 60% of the firm’s invoicing. In Europe, Mecalux has four production centres: three in Spain (Barcelona, Gijón and Palencia) and one in Poland (Gliwice).

Over 350 software EASYWMS® implementations in 16 countries
The Mecalux Group has sold more than 350 installations of EasyWMS® in 16 countries where it operates since the product’s 2009 launch. In Spain, it is already the top-selling warehouse management software. Given such success, Mecalux is to be taking part in the world’s most important events of this nature in order to show off its star product.

The EasyWMS® software controls the flow of products in a warehouse in real time, providing excellent stock management and a permanent inventory, fundamental to any businesses strategy and for maintaining competitiveness.

Clasimat® and Pallet Shuttle systems
Clasimat® is a vertical and automated storage system. It is made up of a carrying structure in which the entrance and the exit of goods are automated thanks to a shuttle or an extracting and elevating mechanism. This system is intended for any type of company having the sufficient overhead height available and requiring high-volume warehousing capability.

In turn, Pallet Shuttle is a high-density pallet storage system making it easier to load and unload goods thanks to an electric carriage called a Pallet Shuttle. The forklift sets the load atop the Pallet Shuttle which then moves along the track to deposit the load in the right location.