Motoblouz speed up online order preparation thanks to a manual picking installation

17 Nov 2016

Motoblouz, a leader in the online distribution of motorcycle clothing and accessories in France, will receive a manual picking installation. It will consist of four floors with overlapping entries and a capacity to store about 90,000 boxes of different sizes and set up to handle more than 10,000 orders per day.

The 68.1 m long, 38, 8 m wide picking installation with gangways is composed of three levels of 3 m each where racks of varying sizes and distributions are installed to suit different products. In addition to the 90,000 boxes the racks accommodate, where helmets, shoes, boots, and accessories are stored, the mezzanine floor has a 3,202 m coat rack or, in other words, 26,896 hangers for hanging garments.

Thanks to the new Motoblouz warehouse, located in the French city of Carvin, the company quadruples the useful area of its warehouse with a very flexible system, which offers direct access to any product and expedites the preparation of orders.

Founded in 2004, Motoblouz currently employs around 90 people who work every day advising and equipping motorcycle enthusiasts. The company has a stock of 50,000 products corresponding to 150 brands, which are sold exclusively through its website to its more than 700,000 customers.