Orbico Group opens its biggest warehouse with a Mecalux system

14 Mar 2024

Orbico Group, a leading European consumer goods distributor, will install a storage system with a capacity for nearly 50,000 pallets in its new facility in Donja Zdenčina (Croatia).

Orbico Group installs pallet racking in its new warehouse in Croatia

“The new distribution centre will enable us to provide better 3PL services to our current partners and potential clients. This will also be the largest and most modern of our logistics centres in 20 countries,” says Branko Roglic, owner and President of Orbico Group. The facility’s storage surface area will span 40,200 m², with 20,000 m² to be added in the near future.

“The new DC is set to redefine the efficiency and scale of our operations. The storage system from Mecalux will streamline our inventory management and improve the facility’s productivity overall,” says Piotr Sędziak, Supply Chain Director at Orbico Group.

Mecalux’s conventional pallet racking will allow Orbico Group to manage a multitude of SKUs of various weights and volumes. These racks provide direct access to around 50,000 pallets, facilitating a key warehouse operation: order picking on the lower levels.

To supply 59,000 clients in 20 European countries, Orbico Group continuously overhauls its supply chain. In line with this strategy, the new logistics facility near Zagreb will serve all of the company’s clients in Croatia, including Procter & Gamble, Philip Morris, SC Johnson, Nestlé and General Electric.

About Orbico

Orbico Group is one of Europe’s largest consumer goods distributors. Founded in 1987, the company provides distribution, logistics and marketing services. It works with more than 500 international brands in multiple sectors, such as the food and beverage, household products, personal care and electronics industries. With nearly 8,000 employees, Orbico Group is present in 20 countries through a distribution network that covers an extensive geographical region. This enables the business to serve a broad customer base and meet diverse market needs.