E-commerce warehouse for a one-of-a-kind experience


To bolster its growth prospects, e-commerce retailer Prat Brands will revamp its installation in Valls, Spain, with the aim of providing improved service. To do so, it will instal Mecalux’s Easy WMS warehouse management system and Multi Carrier Shipping Software module. The strict control of all SKUs and processes provided by these two solutions will result in greater agility and safety in order prep and dispatch.

Prat Brands' e-commerce installation with software from Mecalux

Easy WMS, integrated with Prat Brands’ Navison ERP, will monitor the company’s products from the moment they arrive at the installation and will know their exact location in real time. To accomplish this, it will assign a slot to each item based on the type of SKU in question and its demand level. Likewise, Easy WMS will guide operators at all times, giving them clear, precise orders on how to carry out their storage and picking tasks.

Meanwhile, Multi Carrier Shipping Software is specifically designed to streamline and speed up the order packaging, labelling and dispatch processes. This system will be integrated with the transport agencies that deliver the orders (DHL and GLS), providing carriers with all the information they need in advance to make deliveries (number of parcels to pick up, address, etc.).

Our objective with the implementation of Easy WMS is to optimise all our logistics processes and have our inventory 100% under control; this will make our warehouse more agile, fast and reliable when performing all operations.

Francesc Julià, Head of IT at Prat Brands

Best online shopping experience

Prat Brands was founded in 2009 with a single goal: to sell exclusively online, offering the optimal purchasing experience. This philosophy has become a huge success: the company has not stopped growing, increasing both its turnover and its team. The company markets five brands of its own (Greencut, FITFIU Fitness, McHaus, Playkin and Lalaloom) through its websites and in multiple marketplaces. Its next project consists of expanding internationally and continuing to invest in its customers’ happiness.