Rent a Book reduces order-prep times


Rent a Book, a Belgian company dedicated to textbook sales and rentals, has tripled its picking speed with the upgrade of Easy WMS by Mecalux and the purchase of new radiofrequency terminals.

Rent a Book prepares orders three times as fast with Easy WMS

Rent a Book’s 450 m2 installation in Enghien, Belgium, has been successfully managed by Mecalux’s Easy WMS warehouse management system for the past three years. According to Project Manager Grégory Bastieans, “Our goal was to maximise the potential of our warehouse to cope with the increased number of daily orders.” To achieve this, the firm decided to upgrade Easy WMS to a new version and invest in new radiofrequency terminals.

Flexibility, adaptability and scalability are Easy WMS’s strengths in this installation. It took Mecalux’s technical team merely a few days to upgrade Rent a Book’s software, configuring new features and without interrupting operations in the warehouse.

One of these new functions is the possibility to define rules that help to organise picking, such as automated management when creating orders by waves. The WMS organises the orders based on whether they are complete or incomplete. If complete, they are grouped to be sent to schools or individual customers via the transport agency Bpost.

Rent a Book employees are already taking full advantage of the new version of Easy WMS, deployed just a few months ago. In addition to its advanced features, user-friendliness and the speed of the new Android RF terminals, the tangible benefit of this implementation lies in time saved during picking.

Now, an order is prepared in just 11 minutes, while before, this task took 30 minutes. With this update, Rent a Book can expect to respond effectively to the rise in orders, which reaches peak level with the start of the school year.

About Rent a Book

Headquartered in Enghien, Belgium, Rent a Book is a Belgian firm specialising in online textbook sales and rentals. Founded in 2013, its aim is to make it easier for students to buy textbooks.