Sabarot doubles the throughput of its AS/RS

21 Feb 2024

Sabarot is a French family business specialising in dried legumes, cereals and wild mushrooms. At its historic centre in Chaspuzac, the company is forging ahead with expansion and further enhancing its logistics capabilities with the assistance of Mecalux. Under the leadership of Antoine Wassner, CEO of Sabarot, this initiative aims to support the continued growth of the organisation’s business.

The French canned food producer Sabarot will expand its AS/RS in Chaspuzac

Sabarot houses its production line output (finished goods) in an automated storage and retrieval system (AS/RS). It decided to expand this AS/RS to double its storage capacity to 12,000 pallets. Mecalux will set up four aisles in total, each spanning 92 m. A stacker crane will operate autonomously in these aisles, loading, unloading and transporting pallets as instructed by Easy WMS. Another particular characteristic of this AS/RS is that, at the request of Sabarot, it is prepared to operate at subzero temperatures (-5 °C).

“We decided to add on to our AS/RS because we needed to increase our operational capacity and respond proactively to the growth of our business. We’re extremely satisfied with this expansion. It provides us with high flexibility, allowing us to manage peak activity with great responsiveness,” says Wassner. At the Chaspuzac centre, Sabarot produces, stores and distributes goods for clients in over 70 countries. Its primary markets are France and the UK, although it also exports its products to countries such as Malaysia, the UAE and Singapore.

Mecalux’s Easy WMS warehouse management system will oversee the new storage aisles. This software monitors all of Sabarot’s goods in real time, ensuring the complete traceability of the company’s 7,800 SKUs. “Digitalisation and automation enable us to track all our products. This has helped us tremendously in making inventory management more reliable,” says Wassner.

In addition to aligning with Sabarot’s current logistics needs, the AS/RS expansion will accommodate the business’s annual growth, which has stood at close to 15% over the last 15 years.

About Sabarot

Since 1819, the family-owned company Sabarot has offered a wide variety of legumes, cereals and dehydrated seeds. Its star products include Le Puy green lentils and small spelt from Velay. It also specialises in mushrooms and escargots. Sabarot selects the best varieties by promoting its associated producers through channels that guarantee the origin and quality of each harvest. Present in over 70 countries, Sabarot has a production capacity of 30,000 tonnes annually, showcasing its quality and scale on the international stage.