Salerm Cosmetics supplies customers faster with new software from MECALUX

15 Aug 2011

Barcelona, August 15th 2011.

MECALUX, a world leader in the storage systems market, has implemented the EasyWMS® software in the two warehouses that the multinational company Salerm Cosmetics, with more than 50 years’ experience in selling hair products, has in Barcelona. The logistics centre now has this computer program which allows it to manage products more efficiently and supply customers faster.

According to MECALUX, with the implementation of the EasyWMS® warehousing management software, and without having to use any more resources, average warehouse productivity can be increased by 35%. The head of the MECALUX software technical office, Ignasi Mallol, explained that “with the same storage space and using fewer resources, companies achieve greater logistics efficiency. In addition, the software allows for a 95% reduction in dispatch errors in the first year, with the figure rising to 99% in subsequent years”.

The Salerm Cosmetics logistics centre, comprising two warehouses that cover 1,960 m2 and 4,550 m2, is now entirely controlled by the computer program, which allows it to respond to increased customer demand without the need for more warehouse space or resources. The MECALUX software will provide Salerm Cosmetics with notable time and cost savings - fundamental factors in increasing productivity.

EasyWMS® is largely designed to control, coordinate and manage all the processes involved in running a warehouse. The software’s different functionality modules mean it can be adapted to the exact needs of each facility on the basis of the degree of complexity and automation, and its great flexibility makes it is easy to adjust for the growth of a business or new processes and volumes.


Radio frequency: goodbye to paper

The EasyWMS® software controls all of the tasks performed in the warehouse, from receiving orders to dispatching them, through radio-frequency terminals. Warehouse management is therefore carried out in a way which is more environmentally sustainable, eliminating the use of paper for dispatch notes.

EasyWMS®, the clear leader in Spain in terms of sales, was created by the MECALUX technology centre in Gijon and the R&D department in Barcelona. Since its launch, it has been implemented more than 1,000 times in the different countries where the company operates.

The EasyWMS® software provides real-time information about the entire product flow inside a warehouse, allowing for full control of stock and status. Its quality, guarantee and technical levels are supported by leading companies: MECALUX is a Microsoft Gold Partner, as well as a Certified Partner for SAP and Oracle.



Salerm Cosmetics is a leading multinational in hair colouring and treatments, and focuses strongly on innovation to create cutting-edge products. Its research and development laboratories create new formulas every day to meet the needs of even the most demanding customers in the market.

The company’s headquarters are in Lliçà de Vall, in Barcelona, and it has branches across all five continents.