STAF: advantages of a digital warehouse for a logistics provider


Logistics provider STAF will digitise its business with the Easy WMS warehouse management system from Mecalux. The company will implement it in its facility in Vivonne, France, with a view to improving the management of its customers’ 250 SKUs.

The new facility of logistics provider STAF equipped with Easy WMS

STAF currently organises all the goods using Excel tables, manually noting which products arrive in the warehouse and which are dispatched. This way of working has become obsolete for the development of the business, as it fails to adequately meet customer needs.

Therefore, STAF will completely overhaul the management of its facility through the installation of Easy WMS. Operators will be equipped with radiofrequency scanners to follow instructions from the WMS at all times. These scanners will have a Wi-Fi and 4G connection to be able to operate inside the warehouse and with the racks located outside.

The proper arrangement and organisation of the goods will have a positive effect on all activities carried out in the facility, including operator tasks, stock management, use of resources, flows, and so on.

The WMS will identify each pallet the moment it arrives at the warehouse, assigning it the ideal location. It will also generate routes through the building that ensure that operators travel the shortest distances possible and are more efficient.

When digitising its warehouse, the company aims to meet two objectives: to boost operator efficiency and completely eradicate errors.

We’re looking forward to implementing the Easy WMS warehouse management system in our logistics centre to speed up all processes, prevent any possibility of error and, something which is fundamental for us: to provide our customers with the best service.

Didier Ferdouel, General Manager at STAF

About STAF

This transport and logistics company forms part of the holding Christian Ferdouel Finances holding company, created in 1933 and headquartered in Vivonne (France). STAF, a family business with deep-rooted traditional values, is focused on adapting to new market trends, always prioritising customer satisfaction in all its processes.