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Warehouse in Italy with dietetic products and food from Vibar Nord


The Italian company Vibar Nord will equip its warehouse in Gera Lario (Italy) with Movirack mobile pallet racks and pallet racking. Both solutions, designed with seismically in mind, will hold 1,425 pallets. Plus, Mecalux will set up a pallet conveyor circuit linked to a pallet lift.

Earthquake-proof racks for the food and dietetic products of Vbar Nord

The 8.5 m high Movirack system can handle 1,085 pallets and has four mobile rack bases and two fixed ones at both ends. This type of solution means Vibar Nord can leverage its available space without losing direct access to each pallet. The operator must issue a command via a wireless remote control to open the aisle to be worked in.

For its part, the versatility of the pallet racks will accommodate 340 pallets of variable heights.

To speed up palletised goods movements, a 28.4-metre-long double-circuit roller conveyor system will be set up, connected to a lift, which will be tasked with relocating the goods to the lower floor.

Alessandro Tenzi - Production manager
“We chose Mecalux solutions after comparing them to what the competition had to offer. The Movirack system impressed us. It seems so easy to run and the structure is solidly built. It’s a solution that will help us optimise warehouse space. Meanwhile, it opens up a wide area for operators access loads and move around to get their job done.”

Vibar Nord: tradition meets innovation

Founded in 1972 in Italy, Vibar Nord specialises in the third-party food and dietetic product production (soluble powder and granules). Vibar Nord is recognised as the first Italian company to apply the fluid bed granulation process on an industrial scale in their sector.