The bathroom furnishings and fixtures warehouse of the multinational Grohe


Grohe, the tap and bathroom fixture specialist, will install pallet racks in its production warehouse located in the Aveiro district (Portugal), as well as a gravity-driven conveyor channel. The custom rack solution supplied by Mecalux will stand out for its height, standing 18 m tall.

In the pallet racks, 2,872 euro pallets can be accommodated, each weighing up to a maximum 1,000 kg. The racks, made with twelve load levels, will have built-in first level consoles for setting pallets provisionally. Moreover, and as a safety measure, cross ties will be placed perpendicularly to the beams, which will improve pallet support.

Also, the warehouse will feature a 23.2 m long live conveyor channel able to hold 19 pallets. This channel will be on a slight incline so that pallets slide via the pull of gravity from the highest point down to the aisle extraction point.

António Carvalho - General Manager of Grohe Portugal
“We are growing constantly and systematically, always advancing our expertise. Each year we make more products and are more technically focused and highly-developed.”


Racking holds bathroom furnishings for Grohe in PortugalProduction: 20 years in Portugal

Grohe, a leading German bathroom furnishings company, is present in more than 130 countries, and a benchmark in its sector. The group employs more than 6,000 people all over the world and has three production centres in Germany, as well as other plants in countries like Portugal, Thailand, South Africa and China. Starting in 2013, Grohe has been part of the Lixil group from Japan.