Store Fulfillment

Store Fulfillment synchronises inventory and workflows to ensure optimal stock management between the central warehouse and the physical shop network

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Efficient stock management for distribution to physical shops

The Store Fulfillment module has been designed for companies that need real-time control over inventory of their warehouse and physical shops. Additionally, it synchs provisioning operations throughout the distribution network such as picking, replenishment, transfers between shops, or returns.

Best-in-class features of Store Fulfillment

  • WMS integration with point of sale terminals (POS terminal)
  • Automatic replenishment of shop items depending on stock level
  • Task generation after a sale or return in shop
  • Transfer of in-warehouse items to shops or between shops
  • Warehouse management with Cash&Carry model
  • Quick in-shop stock counts
  • Coordinated counts between different operators
  • Automatic reports (stock level by shop or stock on the way, etc.)

Logistics process of the Store Fulfillment module

What benefits does it provide?

  • Inventory always updated in warehouse and shops
  • Stock-outs eliminated in shop
  • Task synchronisation between warehouse and shops
  • Transfer coordinated between shops
  • Efficient returns management
  • End-to-end distribution visibility in real-time

Store Fulfillment adapts to different shop types

Independent shops

Independent shops
A distribution centre serving one or more shops located in different geographical locations. Shops are replenished with goods available in the distribution centre. The system controls returns and transfers between shops.

Shop built onto warehouse with picking done for customers

Shop built onto warehouse with picking done for customers
Customers pick wanted products from shelves and pay at the counter. In this case, the shop’s and warehouse’s inventory are run separately.

Shop built onto a warehouse with picking done by staff

Shop built onto a warehouse with picking done by staff
Customers order the products they need at the shop counter. Then, operators are responsible for locating them in the warehouse. Once the sale is made, the system updates the inventory automatically.


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