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Supply Chain Event Management (SCEM)

An event notification system structured for flexible, high-performance monitoring.

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Detailed real-time information about flow paths to safeguard process tracking

Enjoy the benefits of:

  • Tight control over the commitments made by your suppliers.
  • Control the delivery times promised to customers.
  • Adopt preventative and remedial actions to solve supply chain and logistics operations issues.
  • Be proactive when faced with declining product quality.
  • Let your logistics team make informed decisions about orders by being aware of all incidents within the supply chain.
  • Your points-of-sale can always know about any progress or delays in their order, and take the appropriate action.

Primary characteristics of Supply Chain Event Management (SCEM):

  • Manage and sort notification events.
  • User subscriptions: users receive alerts about specific events.
  • Email or user interface notification messaging.
  • Configure message formats and content for each notification event. Enter user interface panels by clicking on the message.
  • Manage timetables and notification settings per user, via notification profiles.
  • Automatic system reactions to notification events.
  • Tracking of notification alerts until they are resolved or finalised.
  • Events are scaled.
  • Automatic launch of other events, if the alert is not received or if no users are subscribed to a notification event.


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  • More than 150 engineers work exclusively on developing software solutions.

  • Mecalux adapts to your company’s needs and objectives.

  • Continuous software development and updates, thanks to substantial investments in R&D. .