Best Practices 30: automation and digitalisation to boost logistics efficiency

30 Oct 2023

In issue No. 30 of Best Practices magazine, Mecalux unveils its most recent launch: a new, collaborative robotic picking system. This solution incorporates Siemens’ pioneering SIMATIC Robot Pick AI technology, based on deep learning algorithms, to automate the picking process.

The magazine includes success stories of companies from a multitude of sectors that have relied on Mecalux storage and management solutions to enhance their logistics processes. For instance, the athletic equipment distributor Jim Sports monitors over 17,000 SKUs with an all-in-one solution: automation, software and storage systems. Tracking SKUs in real time was also a priority for the IT solutions and services business IRIS and TB Group, a manufacturer of personal protective equipment. Both companies have digitalised their logistics operations to ensure the traceability of the thousands of SKUs they manage.

This issue of Best Practices magazine also delves into e-commerce logistics. Jolly Softair, the largest e-commerce retailer of airsoft products in Italy, has digitalised its logistics processes with Mecalux’s warehouse management system (WMS) to cope with increasing online orders and meet the needs of over 1,300 customers worldwide. In addition, the magazine explores the latest supply chain technology trends, such as social commerce, which is revolutionising the way we buy and sell products online.

The magazine also features interviews with customers and a wide variety of specialised articles. These include research examining why warehouse technologies are the wave of the future; a study on how descriptive, predictive and prescriptive analytics optimises supply chains; and a report describing the different digital solutions driving supply chains, illustrated by real examples of companies.

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