A wide variety of wire and metal stillages is available, and can be purchased in different sizes and finishes. Their use can be limited when placed in storage systems with racking units, as explained below.


Stillages without skids. Type 1.

To store these on pallet racks, specific supports for stillages or platforms must be placed on the beams.
They can be placed on drive-in pallet racks, although this is not advisable due to possible local deformation of the rails.
They are not suitable for use in push-back or Pallet Shuttle systems, or in live rack units.
Nor are they valid for use in automated warehouses.
They cannot be used on roller or chain conveyors.
Measurement “B” is normally wider than “A” (see image) and care must be taken with clearances.
They are mainly designed to be stacked on top of each other.


Steel containers (type 1)

Metal stillages without skids (type 1).


Stillages without skids. Type 2.

Depending on measurement “A” (see image), these can be placed on pallet racks without a stillage support, although the installation of such a support is advised.
These metal stillages can be stored on drive-in pallet racks, while in push-back systems with trolleys their use depends on measurement “A” and the number of trolleys.
They are not suitable for live racking units, roller push-back, or Pallet Shuttle systems.
They are, however, suitable for automated warehouses, taking into account the dimensions of the legs.
They are not ideal for use with roller conveyors. The use of chain conveyors is advised.
Steel container without skids (type 2)

Metal stillages without skids (type 2).


Stillages with skids

These are suitable for use with any storage system and can be used with any handling element.
It should be remembered that for clearances, measurement “B” is more than “A” on both sides.
Care must be taken with rigidity and possible deformations of the lower skid, as these could prevent flow rack units from functioning correctly.
The dimensions and shape of the lower skids must be checked to prevent local deformations in the support beams or rollers.


Steel container with skids

Metal containers with skids.


Other metal stillages

These require specific handling, if they are to be stored on racking units.
Special care must be taken with large stillages—those exceeding 1,200 mm at the front

and clearances increased.


Other metal containers

Other metal stillages.


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